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Health and Vision

Light affects humans in at least two ways: it enables us to see and it regulates our bodies' rhythms such as the sleep/wake cycle. Different types and levels of light can affect a person's ability to see clearly, identify people and objects, and drive safely. It can also increase sleep efficiency of older adults and reduce symptoms of seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, felt by many people during winter months.

The Light and Health program at the LRC strives to better understand how the retina converts light signals into neural signals to the brain and how lighting can be used to promote health and well-being of those suffering from circadian disorders.


Every day, more people become interested in the potential benefits of light and dark, especially its effects on human health and wellbeing. Below are some highlights of LRC publications regarding light, health, vision, and overall wellbeing.

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New! Light and Health Institute - An intensive two-day, hands-on seminar to teach the many ways in which light affects, and can be used to improve, health and wellbeing. This seminar will be of critical interest to those within the field of healthcare, lighting industry professionals, researchers in the biological sciences, facility managers, architects, designers, and others.


The Light and Health Program has projects in a variety of research areas.

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